Editorial Mandate

Canadian Art Forecast aims to provide accessible art coverage that lowers the barriers to art. This takes the form of essays, reviews, interviews, and discussions that are clear, unintimidating, and compelling to a wide audience. The subjects are inclusive of the wide range of voices that make up the Canadian art world. Canadian Art Forecast aims to highlight artists and organizations that are often overlooked. Posts are curious, direct, and well-informed. 

Inclusive: covering a wide range of mediums, practices, and people—Canadian Art Forecast provides a 360-degree view of the art world. This includes a focus on BIPOC artists and organizations, along with  people working outside the traditional confines of the art market, including craft-based arts. 

Collaborative: Canadian Art Forecast aims to create a community where everyone’s voice is heard, by taking into account what subscribers want to read and are curious about. This includes encouraging comments, feedback, and discussion posts, as well as allowing reader submissions.

Curious: not every post offers the answers to the questions it asks. Instead, essays are roving, experimental, and seeking. In evaluating issues that are prevalent in the art world Canadian Art Forecast often seeks out experts in the field for input. 

Honest: the independent nature of the platform allows Canadian Art Forecast to be honest in its criticism and writing—providing a mirror to the Canadian art world and advocating for a better art ecosystem. 


Canadian Art Forecast is a newsletter that follows, predicts, and discusses the Canadian art world with a focus on emerging and mid-career artists. The newsletter is an ongoing attempt to build an art community that is driven by meaningful relationships with artists and the work they produce. Canadian Art Forecast publishes artist interviews, reviews, thoughts on the art market, tips for collecting, and more. It aims to give readers the confidence to talk shop at openings and your next dinner party (whenever that might be). 

Launched October 2020, within a month Canadian Art Forecast reached 700 subscribers (13.1k followers on Instagram). Paid subscribers have access to a second weekly newsletter, which often takes the form of artist interviews. 

Canadian Art Forecast is run by Tatum Dooley, a writer and curator from Toronto who has written for Artforum, Architectural Digest, Bordercrossings, Canadian Art, Editorial Magazine, Garage Magazine, the Globe & Mail, and The Walrus. She has curated shows at Dianna Witte Gallery and General Hardware, and written exhibition texts for many artists and galleries across Canada. 

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